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How top digital marketing agencies use Graphite Note


Instant Insights, Zero Coding with our No-Code Predictive Analytics Solution

Graphite Note is a powerful tool that empowers digital marketing agencies to make informed and data-driven choices. By analyzing key metrics and providing valuable insights, Graphite Note enables agencies to optimize their marketing strategies and increase their clients’ revenue.

By leveraging the power of data-driven decision-making, agencies can create more effective campaigns, better target their audience, and ultimately achieve higher ROI for their clients. Graphite Note provides a comprehensive suite of tools to help digital marketing agencies stay ahead of the competition and deliver measurable results to their clients.

Who is Katana?

Katana is a REMOTE data-driven lead generation agency based in South Africa, servicing European clients.

What is Graphite Note?

Graphite Note is an all-in-one, no-code Machine Learning platform that makes predictive analytics for digital agencies accessible to everyone. Graphite Note gives you a single platform to build, visualize, and explain Machine Learning models, without coding. Graphite Note combines data science with storytelling to help businesses:

  • Fuel their growth with 100% data-driven business forecasts.
  • Build Machine Learning models in just a few clicks.
  • Share meaningful metrics, business forecasts, and action items with team members, decision-makers, and other stakeholders. 

What companies most often lack is the resources and expertise to discover, deliver, and fuel advanced ways of scaling their business. With Graphite Note, you can tap into your raw data to predict, plan, and execute business strategies. Relentless execution is what makes Katana’s campaigns a success.

How does Katana use Graphite Note for Paid Search?

You are only as good as the data you have. The ability to consistently deliver exceptional results, and continuously improve, requires the relentless pursuit towards unleashing the full potential of your data. 

“You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.” – Daniel Keys Moran

Here are some of the ways Katana uses Graphite Note in Paid Media:

Day Parting

Day Parting is a strategy where you schedule your paid ads to appear during specific times of the day, or days of the week. Google Ads’ day parting allows advertisers to choose when their ads are shown to the audience. 

It’s common knowledge that certain days, times, or hours, work better than others for lead generation. The data has always been accessible, but it’s hard to analyze. With the help of Graphite Note’s ABC Cluster Model, Katana imported their data and got the answers they needed within 5 minutes. 

Graphite Note’s algorithm revealed on which days Katana’s ads performed best. With this data, Katana knew on which days they should decrease the advertising budget. This enabled Katana to allocate more budget for their top-performing days.

The most important part of using Graphite Note for Katana: This highly demanding analysis took 5 minutes, was 100% accurate, and will always be. This frees up our team to work on higher priority items than “getting it into Excel.”

key drivers ads optimisation
Key Drivers in Ad Optimisation – Graphite Note

Headline Clustering

Headline Clustering helps you to associate the best-performing headlines and descriptions.

As an advertiser, Google and Facebook are not your friends. They abstract away much of the complexity to make it simple, so you can spend more money. You can’t blindly follow Google’s recommendations. Google, in particular, always recommends more headlines and descriptions.

For example: Your ad group has 20 headlines and 20 descriptions. This would entail running 400 ads, just to get through one round of testing. When you start adding more headlines and descriptions, you’re only extending your testing period. You’ll land up extending the period you’re paying Google to run terrible ads. What you really want to do is find the best ad, as quickly as possible.

Katana used Graphite Note to find out which ad headlines worked best. Through Graphite Note’s ABC Cluster Model, Katana identified what their best-performing headlines were. Katana then placed these headlines in every ad group. Using Graphite Note whittled down a manual job that would take two weeks, to just a matter of minutes.

This analysis is not available in Google Ads Manager.

“With the help of Graphite Note’s ABC Cluster Model, we imported our data and got the answers we needed within 5 minutes. This highly demanding analysis took 5 minutes, was 100% accurate, and will always be. This frees up our team to work on higher priority items.”

Katana, Lead Generation Agency

The abundance of data generated from marketing channels often goes unused by marketing agencies. What makes Katana stand out from its competitors is that it uses Machine Learning tools, like Graphite Note, to analyze data. 

By transforming raw data into actionable insights, digital agencies can make data-driven decisions that propel their campaigns to new heights. Graphite Note can open doors for your agency that most marketers don’t know exist. 

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