Transform Data into Strategy with No-Code Predictive Analytics

Graphite Note boosts your Agency's offerings, giving you tools to not only predict outcomes but also to advise clients on smart, specific actions for their business success.

Precisely predict business outcomes.
Turn complex data into clear action plans automatically.
Empower your team with AI-driven analytics, no expertise needed.
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Revolutionizing Business Outcomes
with Predictive Analytics for Every Team

From SMEs aiming for rapid growth to professionals across sectors, Graphite Note is tailored for those who believe in data-driven strategies but crave simplicity in execution

Digital Agency
Customer Success

What if you could tailor your marketing efforts to each customer's unique behavior?

Analyze Patterns

Use Graphite Note to analyze customer behavior patterns from historical data.

Segment Customers

With Graphite Note's AI-driven tool, segment your customers based on these patterns.

Personalize Strategies

Execute personalized, effective marketing strategies tailored for each segment.

Popular Features

RFM analysis for customer segmentation

Customer behavior forecasting

Ad campaign performance predictions

Graphite Note Marketing Use Case 1

How much time could you save if you knew which leads were most likely to convert?

Predict Conversion

Use Graphite Note to predict lead conversion probabilities.

Score Leads

Apply Graphite Note's AI-driven tool to score leads based on these predictions.

Prioritize Efforts

Focus your sales efforts on high-value prospects for optimal resource utilization.

Popular Features

Lead scoring from your CRM data

Sales trend predictions using regression models

Churn prediction for customer retention

Graphite Note Sales Use Case 1

What if you could anticipate your campaign's performance before it even launches?

Analyze Past Campaigns

Use Graphite Note to analyze historical campaign data.

Forecast Performance

Leverage Graphite Note's AI-driven tool to predict future campaign performance.

Enhance Strategy

Improve your campaign strategy based on these performance forecasts.

Popular Features

Lead Scoring and Conversion Prediction

ABC segmentation for Campaigns and Keywords

Ad campaign performance predictions

Graphite Note Use Case Digital Agency

What if you could accurately predict the demand for your products or services?

Analyze Trends

Use Graphite Note to analyze historical sales, seasonality and market trends data.

Forecast Demand

Apply Graphite Note's AI-driven tool to predict future demand, per store, per product, ...

Optimize Inventory

Better manage your inventory and production planning based on these forecasts.

Popular Features

Demand forecasting with timeseries analysis

ABC segmentation for resource allocation

Process optimization through clustering

Graphite Note Operations Use Case 1

What if you could anticipate a customer's decision to leave before they actually do?

Predict Churn

Apply Graphite Note's predictive analytics to forecast customer churn.

Target High-Risk Customers

Formulate targeted retention strategies for customers identified as high risk.

Enhance Satisfaction

Address potential issues proactively, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Popular Features

RFM analysis for customer segmentation

Churn prediction for customer retention

Upsell Opportunities Prediction

Graphite Note Customer Success Use Case 1

Perfect For Anyone Who Works With Data, Even Without AI Know-How

The All-in-One No-Code Machine Learning & Data Storytelling Platform

In the age of information, businesses are overwhelmed with data. Yet, turning this data into actionable insights remains elusive for many. Traditional tools demand technical expertise, coding, and often present data in a way that's hard to interpret.

Graphite Note is changing the game, enabling users of all skill levels to effortlessly analyze data and obtain accurate predictions. Built-in visualization tools streamline the presentation and sharing of findings with teams or clients.
Free Trial, No Credit Card Required

Complex data into actionable insights

Dive deep into data, understand patterns, and make informed decisions without the technical hassle.

User-Friendly Predictive Analytics

Our platform is designed to present data as compelling stories, making it easier to interpret and act upon.

Achieve clarity in decision-making

With precise predictions and clear data narratives, make decisions that drive growth, optimize operations, and enhance customer experiences.

See What's Possible

Turn your existing data into AI-powered predictions & actionable insights 
without coding - in minutes.

With Graphite Note, the days of struggling to learn complex programming languages or deciphering intricate formulas are gone. Our software is designed to make data analysis effortless and enjoyable, so you can focus on making informed decisions based on accurate predictions.
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Why Graphite Note?

"40% of companies state AI technologies and expertise are too expensive."
"83% of companies say AI is their strategic priority yet, there is not enough data science talent."
"By 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity."

„Become data-driven without a data science team!”


From idea to production in
minutes, not months.


No need for data science
teams, projects and


Bridging the gap between AI
and business domain

Successful businesses aren’t built on guesswork

Join industry leaders who are leveraging data-driven decisions to scale their biz

  • Ursula O'Hara
    Marketing Director at Nick's Plumbing
    “I am so impressed with Graphite Note's accuracy and how easy it is to use. The models that we've created have given me great insights into who my customers are, who they were, and given me predictions on who they can be.”
    Mark Smith
    Co-founder at Katana
    "Graphite Note brings a massive competitive advantage for us in the lead generation space. 
    We got data scientist that never sleeps - and from that we can unlock insights quickly and accurately."
    Martina Margitić
    Service Delivery Division Lead, Notch
    "Graphite Note is an intuitive, user-friendly, and easy-to-use. It lets us design and tweak data science models at an impressive speed. But more than that, it helps you tell a story with your data and truly focus on what is most important: business values instead of columns and columns of data. It feels like having an extra set of expert hands on deck."
  • Shyam Ramachandran
    CEO, Lemon Peak
    "Graphite Note is simply superb! 

    The team are amazing people to work with and have been extremely helpful in deciphering meaningful patterns from the large chunks of data we provided to them. They are the AL/ML gurus!"
    Nadav Rappoport
    Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
    "Graphite Note is an invaluable tool for educational purposes allowing me to demonstrate the power of machine learning in a practical and accessible way. 
    With its no-code approach I can easily train different types of models for various tasks using my own data or the provided sample data."
    Arthur Valle
    Founder of WISARDS Wintec's Applied Research
    "Graphite Note allows me to quickly import my data, create some models and get the insights I need in just a few minutes, literally. The features are very intuitive and even someone without previous experience of Machine Learning would easily get the expected outcomes."
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Ready-to-Use AI Models

Built to fuel every stage
of your growth

Unlock the best ways to increase profits and accelerate revenue with Graphite Note's automated machine learning models.

Simply connect your existing data sets with Graphite Note’s predefined templates to generate the predictions you need.

The best part is - without writing a single line of code.
Explore all ML models

Classification / Regression

Predict which customers are likely to cancel. Enhance customer retention and reduce churn rates.
Predict  which sales leads will convert. Optimize sales strategies and improve conversion rates.
Predict the success rate of marketing campaigns. Allocate resources effectively and maximize ROI.

Timeseries forecast

Predict future sales trends. Plan inventory and optimize supply chain management.
Forecast product demand to avoid overstock & understock. Reduce storage costs and ensure product availability.
Understand the effect of holidays and promotions on sales. Plan marketing campaigns effectively and maximize sales during peak periods.

Advanced Analytics Models

One-click RFM customer segmentation. Understand customer behavior and tailor marketing strategies.
Conduct ABC analysis to categorize products based on their value. Prioritize inventory management and optimize sales strategies.
Calculate customer lifetime value (CLV).
Allocate marketing resources effectively and maximize customer profitability.
Find out more Models

How it works

Generate, visualize, & share business predictions in just a few clicks.

01 / Connect to Your Data

Import raw data from your CRM, online store, customer database, ERP or other sources.

02 / Generate a Model

Graphite Note will automagically generate algorithms that can answer your business questions, organize the results into charts, graphs and tables and turn them into visual data stories.

03 / Share Your Result

Enjoy hassle - free and comprehensive insight sharing within your team with Graphite Note's models & narratives.

Start using Graphite Note today

Make smarter decisions with simple, data-driven,
& visualized predictive analytics
 No Credit Card Required
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