Let Your Data Drive: Say Goodbye to Guessing Games

Zero Coding Skills Required For Powerful Predictive Analytics

For Teams Who'd Rather Be Innovators:
Helping Analysts, Marketing, Revenue and Product Teams without ML Expertise

"With no-code machine learning, the path to wisdom is paved with clicks, not code"
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Predictive Data Analysis Made Accessible for Everyone

The All-in-One No-Code Machine Learning & Data Storytelling Platform

Python and R have long led advanced data analysis, but their complexity challenged those lacking technical skills or needing quick insights.

Graphite Note is changing the game, enabling users of all skill levels to effortlessly analyze data and obtain accurate predictions. Built-in visualization tools streamline the presentation and sharing of findings with teams or clients.
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No-Code Machine Learning

Run powerful data predictions without having to write a single line of code.

Data Storytelling

Transform numbers, graphs, & charts into meaningful presentations that everyone in your team can understand.

Insights, Action and Decision

Use predictive analytics from Graphite Note to plan & execute your next milestone with confidence.
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See What's Possible

Turn your existing data into AI-powered predictions & actionable insights 
without coding - in minutes.

With Graphite Note, the days of struggling to learn complex programming languages or deciphering intricate formulas are gone. Our software is designed to make data analysis effortless and enjoyable, so you can focus on making informed decisions based on accurate predictions.
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Experience the Future of Data-Driven Decision-Making
Graphite Note is the ultimate solution for no-code predictive analytics. By offering a powerful, user-friendly platform with a wide range of analytics methods and visualization tools, we're tearing down the barriers to entry in the world of data analysis. Try Graphite Note today and experience the future of data-driven decision-making.
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Why Graphite Note?

"40% of companies state AI technologies and expertise are too expensive."
"83% of companies say AI is their strategic priority yet, there is not enough data science talent."
"By 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity."

„Become data-driven without a data science team!”


From idea to production in
minutes, not months.


No need for data science
teams, projects and


Bridging the gap between AI
and business domain

Successful businesses
aren’t built on guesswork

Join industry leaders who are leveraging data-driven decisions to scale their biz

  • Ursula O'Hara
    Marketing Director at Nick's Plumbing
    “I am so impressed with Graphite Note's accuracy and how easy it is to use. The models that we've created have given me great insights into who my customers are, who they were, and given me predictions on who they can be.”
    Mark Smith
    Co-founder at Katana
    "Graphite Note brings a massive competitive advantage for us in the lead generation space. 
    We got data scientist that never sleeps - and from that we can unlock insights quickly and accurately."
    Domagoj Vidovic
    Director of Digital at RTL Hrvatska
    “In our line of business, we are collecting tons of valuable customers' data that helps us understand them - and their behavior.  Graphite Note helped our digital team to achieve that accurately, and in no time.”
  • Angel Todorov
    Chief Analyst, Phyre
    "Graphite Note is our preferred solution because of human interaction, we can not only count on the models but on the support of experienced professionals to get the answer we need from the data. They help us reduce the time to market and experiment w/o hiring more data professionals."
    Nadav Rappoport
    Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
    "Graphite Note is an invaluable tool for educational purposes allowing me to demonstrate the power of machine learning in a practical and accessible way. 
    With its no-code approach I can easily train different types of models for various tasks using my own data or the provided sample data."
    Arthur Valle
    Founder of WISARDS Wintec's Applied Research
    "Graphite Note allows me to quickly import my data, create some models and get the insights I need in just a few minutes, literally. The features are very intuitive and even someone without previous experience of Machine Learning would easily get the expected outcomes."

Ready-to-Use ML Models

Built to fuel every stage
of your growth

Unlock the best ways to increase profits and accelerate revenue with Graphite Note's automated machine learning models.

Simply connect your existing data sets with Graphite Note’s predefined templates to generate the predictions you need.

The best part is - without writing a single line of code.
Explore all ML models

Classification / Regression

Predict which customers are likely to cancel. Increase retention.
Predict which sales leads will convert. Increase conversion.
Which employees are at risk of leaving, and more.

Timeseries forecast

Predict your future sales and costs.
Product demand, avoid overstock & understock.
Understand the effect of holidays and promotions.

Advanced Analytics Models

One click RFM customer segmentation.
Cohorts, ABC analysis, Retention analysis.
Customer lifetime value CVL.
Find out more Models

How it works

Generate, visualize, & share business predictions in just a few clicks.

01 / Connect to Your Data

Import raw data from your CRM, online store, customer database, ERP or other sources.

02 / Generate a Model

Graphite Note will automagically generate algorithms that can answer your business questions, organize the results into charts, graphs and tables and turn them into visual data stories.

03 / Share Your Result

Enjoy hassle - free and comprehensive insight sharing within your team with Graphite Note's models & narratives.

Graphite Note for E-Commerce & Retail

Skip Costly Trial-and-error

Generate more sales & nail your marketing
strategy without going over budget.
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no-code machine learning
no code machine learning

Graphite Note for SaaS

Visualize Your Entire Customer 
Journey - in just a few clicks

Graphite Note combines the power of Predicitve Analytics & data visualization so your team won’t have to rely on cluttered charts & graphs.
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Start using Graphite Note today

Make smarter decisions with simple, data-driven,
& visualized predictive analytics
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