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What Makes Graphite Note So Powerful

Machine Learning is hard. We make it simple.

Step 1

Connect to your data

Any tabular business data should do, Graphite Note will automatically pre process and prepare data for AI modeling.

Easily explore patterns, problems and associations in your data.

Graphite Note datasets
Graphite Note busild model no code

Step 2

Train AI models, no code​

Train your AI models without writing single line of code, based on Graphite Note library of AI templates for various business use cases.

Step 3

Understand Key Drivers

Key Drivers Analysis – Graphite Note identifies and presents the critical factors impacting your model’s predictions, empowering your decision-making with clear, data-driven insights.

graphite note key drivers

Step 4

Predict Future Outcomes

Predict future trends and behaviors based on your Model.

Additionally,  explore “what-if” scenarios – the ability to test various hypotheses and assess their impact without taking real-world risks.

Step 5

Get Actionable Insights

Next-best-actions – Graphite Note GenAI will create tailored narrative and prescriptive analytics to boost your decision making.

This is not a general advice, this is based on your data!

Graphite Note actionable insights

Add Whitelabel AI analytics to your service offering

Showcase Your Brand: Utilize Graphite Note's white-labeling feature to add your company's logo and branding to your reports and Notebooks. This customization not only enhances your professional image but also maintains brand consistency across your analytics offerings.

Customize with Your Branding

Graphite Note Notebook is designed to transform the way businesses and agencies use data to drive decision-making and client services.

Our platform enables you to dive deep into data analytics, share insights, and deploy predictive models with ease.

Discover how you can use Graphite Note to bring data narratives to life, make predictions, and customize your analytics environment.

See Graphite Note in Action

Explore our Live Demos and experience how you can create a new AI service offering to provide added value to your clients.

RFM Customer Segmentation

RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) Customer Segmentation is crucial for several reasons.

RFM segmentation allows companies to tailor their marketing efforts based on individual customer behavior. By understanding the recency of a customer’s interactions (such as their last purchase or data usage), the frequency of their engagements, and the monetary value they contribute (their billing amount), companies can personalize marketing messages and offers to target specific customer segments more effectively.

Ads Campaign Analysis

XYZ company wants to utilize advanced technology, such as machine learning, to enhance its advertising campaigns and improve its return on investment.
Despite utilizing various marketing strategies across different platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and websites, the company has been experiencing suboptimal performance in its campaigns.
By utilizing machine learning, they aim to analyze their data, uncover hidden patterns, and increase the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns by optimizing for higher click-through rates and conversions.

Marketing Mix Model

Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) is a sophisticated technique that analyzes the impact of marketing variables on sales performance. By quantifying the effectiveness of each element in the marketing mix, MMM helps businesses allocate their resources more efficiently and improve the ROI of their marketing efforts.

This approach utilizes historical data to understand how various factors, such as advertising, promotions, and price changes, drive sales, allowing for informed decision-making when it comes to budget distribution across different media channels.

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