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The Challenge

Businesses want to close the most significant possible deals to boost their revenue stream significantly. However, tracking and cultivating such leads requires a lot of time and resources.

Often, companies take complicated steps to find new pipelines and leads, and there is no direct effort to predict the value of a single lead. But if businesses direct some of their resources into assessing what each client could bring and the deal they can close, growth can seem more effortless than ever.

Furthermore, one big deal can be enough to upend an existing sales forecast and impact a business’s bottom line.

It can be difficult for companies to determine which leads can be converted into big sales and which are worthy of the sales and marketing team’s attention.

How can companies identify and predict deal size?

The Solution

Machine learning can help companies acquire new clients and predict how much revenue they can potentially bring in. Graphite identifies the most lucrative deals, which can help sales teams identify prospects that could result in bigger deals.

Sales teams will use their resources wisely when businesses know which leads are most lucrative to pursue. Finance teams can also allocate resources commensurate with the potential deal size.

AI machine learning uses data sets that include advertising values across different channels and the resulting sales and deal value for the products and services.

It will assess which metrics matter in predicting the size of a lead or customer and help companies identify the needed resources or strategies that could influence a lead to convert.

Companies can create models to address the drivers that influence the industry and use their predictive analysis in deal size.

The Impact

Graphite can help boost business growth by finding the right leads to improve profit margin significantly.

All sales, marketing, and financial efforts will be allocated to converting lucrative leads, making machine learning a worthy investment.

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