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The Challenge

Knowing how much demand a business will generate within a certain period is essential. It helps companies evaluate how much they should spend on production, allocation of resources, and even marketing.

Demand forecasting enables businesses to estimate and predict customer demand for a particular product or service. An accurate forecast can significantly reduce risk and help sales and product teams make intelligent decisions that will have an impact on revenue and profit margins.

However, arriving at an accurate demand forecast can be difficult. Approximating demand can bleed a company’s resources, increase losses, and disappoint customers.

Poor demand forecasting also results in a significant loss in market share to competitors or even a company’s loyal market base if they cannot satisfy customer demand.
How can AI help businesses generate an accurate product demand forecast?

The Solution

Graphite’s no-code machine learning system can help businesses create an accurate product demand forecast. This process allows companies to schedule and plan production, prepare inventory, and develop a good pricing strategy to reflect current demand.

Graphite’s no-code machine learning techniques use data analysis to predict the products or services in demand at a given period.

It uses historical sales and production data to help companies understand how much of their products were sold and how much they spent on overall costs.

An accurate product demand forecast can help companies assess how many products are needed to meet demand, the required storage for inventory, and whether they have room for expansion.

Companies can use this AI-generated analysis to develop strategies and operational plans to forecast demand and address customer needs accurately.

The Impact

With Graphite, product and sales teams can easily plan their production schedules, develop a robust inventory management system, and create a pricing strategy to maximize profits.

Businesses must make data-driven production decisions to make customers happy, increase profits, and minimize waste.

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