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Predict  Revenue


The Challenge

Revenue forecasting is crucial for a robust, effective business plan that will lead to long-term success.

It helps business owners develop and streamline strategies for growth and answers questions like how much they intend to grow and how much capital is needed for a healthy cash flow.

Estimating revenue over a given period is also crucial for correctly pricing products and services. A refined pricing strategy and cash flow can help the business thrive regardless of demand fluctuations, emerging trends, and product seasonality.

However, accurate revenue forecasting can be difficult to achieve. There are many challenges, such as finding and collecting the best data and choosing the proper forecasting methods to suit the business.

The Solution

Artificial intelligence has made it possible to automate accurate revenue forecasting.

Graphite’s no-code machine learning systems leverage AI to help businesses predict revenue based on historical data.

It will then collect data relevant to revenue and manage the forecast data process. It uses variance analysis to compare how cash flow changed over time and then a forecasting method to create a revenue forecast based on this data.

Sometime, a vital element of this forecasting method is to find the average selling price over a given period multiplied by the number of units sold. At the end of the day, the revenue prediction model will only perform well if the given data is accurate and relevant.

With Graphite, businesses can closely evaluate data from sales teams and consolidate it with other resources to generate the most accurate model to predict future revenue.

The Impact

Companies know the value of predicting revenue—they know that it can significantly impact future performance and sales and marketing campaigns. It will help finance teams decide which future expansions and growth plan to focus on.

Using automation and AI systems to collect and analyze data for predictive forecasting makes it easier for companies to make revenue projections that will guide them to better business decisions.

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