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Predict Lead Conversion

The Challenge

Sales and marketing teams find it challenging to predict their conversion rates, especially when they have multiple lead pipelines that generate different sales levels.

Generating leads is the lifeblood of your business.

Your ability to prioritize and follow up on the right ones can significantly impact your bottom line.

Gathering data on lead scoring or categorizing lead attributes and activities can be a tremendously tedious task when done manually.

Sales can fluctuate wildly depending on the time of year, too. Some businesses also face significant shifts in demand throughout the year based on factors like weather, seasonal events, industry trends, and more. These fluctuations affect not only what products or services people want but also their willingness to pay for them.

So how can businesses increase their sales lead conversion and profits and make more accurate sales forecasts that reflect these factors?

The Solution

Graphite’s no-code machine learning can help companies rank leads so that salespeople can prioritize which are worth pursuing. The process allows companies to predict when a lead prospect will become a customer.

Graphite helps brands understand what makes their target audiences tick and how they think. It can help identify the pain points in sales and marketing teams and provide solutions to those problems. Their machine learning models only require data sets from sales and marketing teams, such as apps, services, and other actions. Graphite can then predict lead conversion rates.

Companies can use these AI-generated conversion models to determine the likely revenue each lead or customer can generate over time and how long it will take to convert them.
This will then help companies know which leads will convert into sales, which pipelines are worth pursuing, and which sales and marketing approaches are working.

The Impact

Graphite’s no-code machine learning makes it easier for companies to forecast sales and predict lead conversion.

It can help determine the value of each lead and whether the efforts of your sales and marketing teams are worth spending on.
The outcome is increased sales lead conversion.

By increasing lead conversion by 5% - 10%, companies can double their ARR.

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