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Graphite Note
Plans and Features

Designed for modern analytics teams and individuals.
Everything you need to bring your data into the 21st century and to supercharge decision making.


Starter plan 
for individuals and students with csv files
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· one user 
· 10k rows in datasets
· dataset exploratory data analytics
· CSV connector
· unlimited models
· model deployment
· model Feature importance
· what-if predictions
· dataset predictions
· unlimited notebooks
· email support


For small Teams focused on machine learning and data storytelling
· up to five users
· 1M rows in datasets
· dataset exploratory data analytics
· CSV and DB connectors
· unlimited models
· model retraining scheduler
· model deployment
· model Feature importance
· what-if predictions
· dataset predictions
· unlimited notebooks
· email and video call support


For bigger teams focused on machine learning, data storytelling, and integrations
· if you need > 5 users
· if you need > 1M rows
· dataset exploratory data analytics
· CSV and DB connectors
· unlimited models
· model retraining scheduler
· model deployment
· model Feature importance
· what-if predictions
· dataset predictions
· unlimited notebooks
· dedicated data scientist
· predict data using API
Arthur Valle
Founder and leader of WISARDS Wintec's Applied Research in DataScience Hamilton, NZ
"Graphite Note allows me to quickly import my data, create some models and get the insights I need in just a few minutes, literally. The features are very intuitive and even someone without previous experience of Machine Learning would easily get the expected outcomes."
Angel Todorov
Chief Analyst, Phyre
"Graphite Note is our preferred solution because of human interaction, we can not only count on the models but on the support of experienced professionals to get the answer we need from the data. They help us reduce the time to market and experiment w/o hiring more data professionals."
Domagoj Vidovic
Director of Digital at RTL Hrvatska
“In our line of business, we are collecting tons of valuable customers' data that helps us understand them - and their behavior. A chunk of that data was incomplete. We were looking for a simple, yet powerful solution to fill the gaps in our data by machine learning regression and classification models. Graphite Note helped our digital team to achieve that accurately, and in no time.”


What's the difference between the starter and other plans?

The starter plan is primarily designed for individual users that want to upload CSV files and create machine learning models.
The starter plan has the same core functionality as higher plans but with the following limitations:

· Only one user in the workspace.
· Only CSV connector
· Number of total data source rows limited to 100k

How does the free trial work?

Users can start their free trial of a Starter plan immediately. The trial is valid for the next 14 days. After 14 days, if you want to continue our service, you will have to subscribe to a plan in communication with our sales team.

Can I extend my trial?

We can extend your trial beyond the two-week default period in certain circumstances. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us before the end of your trial if you'd like to discuss this further.

How do you count the total number of dataset rows?

The pricing depends on several factors, like the number of total dataset rows allowed, the number of users required, and the level of support needed.
To create a model, you must connect (or upload) your data.
When the Graphite Note machine learning model is trained, it will also produce a result dataset. The total count of all rows in all datasets is the number limited by the subscription plan.

What is API access?

APIs enable you to pull your predictions into your ERP, CRM, internal app, or website. It is a way to process or display predictions outside your Graphite Note account.

Reputable Provider

Graphite Note runs on platforms belonging to reputable leading service providers and vendors that uphold the highest security standards, specifically: Amazon Web Service (AWS).

Academic & Non-Profit Discounts

Graphite Note offers discounts to academic institutions and non-profit organizations. Please contact our sales team for full details on our non-commercial discount program.
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