3 Reasons Why Data Visualization Storytelling Will Be Huge For Defining The Next Decade Of Data.

Hrvoje Smolic
Co-Founder and CEO @ Graphite Note

Data Visualization Storytelling

Most businesses in today's world need data to survive and become a success. To understand trends, increase efficiency, keep track, data is needed. Hence, it's a crucial asset that must be well monitored and managed to avoid costly repercussions. Data has become more popular and used than before. The result? The need for more data visualization storytelling.

 It is not enough for the stakeholders of a company to make decisions based on data they do not understand. 

They need a data storyteller to craft an understandable data visualization story of what the data means to them, to understand it, and make a decision.

What is data visualization storytelling?

Data storytelling is the act of converting a set of data into visualizations and narratives. It's facilitating easier communication and understanding. The growth of online businesses and the use of data is making data storytelling the next big skill in the digital world.

Who is a data storyteller?

A data storyteller is someone who has knowledge about data analytics and can understand data, extract information from it, visualize it, and share it with others. There are three main skills that every data storytelling must master. 

  • Understanding data
  • Data Visualization Storytelling
  • Data Visualization
data visualization storytelling
Graphite Notebook for Data Storytelling

3 Reasons Why Data Storytellers Will Be Invaluable For Defining The Next Decade Of Data.

There are great benefits of data storytelling. For a data storyteller, that means a great opportunity in the business world. They get to win deals through an effective presentation. They communicate effectively and get through to their audience easily. 

Hence the growing need for data storytellers will make them invaluable in the next decade of data usage.

  • For effective communication: This is one of the reasons why data storytellers will become invaluable in the next decade. Not everyone understands data or different data variations. Only a data storyteller can. It is the work of a data storyteller to present the data with visuals that best fit the data. Then, breaking this data down into a narrative so it's easy for a layman to understand what the data is saying. 
  • The world is constantly changing. That's another reason why data storytellers will become invaluable in the next decade. Not everyone understands data. And yet, the world is constantly changing with new technology and developments. Every little thing getting represented by data. The growth of data and analytic leads us to the growing need for data storytellers for businesses, companies, and brands. Not only to help tell stories but to communicate insights and aid the growth of an organization's internal data.
  • For strategic marketing: Another reason data storytellers will become invaluable in the next decade is for strategic marketing. The world is constantly evolving and so is everything in it, the world has long moved away from a static form of marketing to visualizing, appealing, and engaging form of marketing. Data storytelling is gradually becoming one of the top means of an effective form of marketing because it has more credibility. As they say, the numbers don't lie. Using the numbers and stats in such a way people can understand, by making it visually engaging and interesting, is an active way to drive sales, making the needs for data storytellers in the next decade more important.

How Graphite can help with data storytelling?

Traditional business intelligence tools are talking about data storytelling, but what they really mean is just a sequence of charts with annotations. Charts that human beings so often have trouble interpreting and understanding!

We know from our experience that sometimes it is very hard for business people to understand even a simple chart.

Graphite is rethinking the whole business intelligence space by combining 3 essential elements: your data and traditional analytics, predictive analytics algorithms, and human communication.

 The main idea behind Graphite Notebook is to do your own Data Storytelling; create various visualization with detailed descriptions, insights, plot model results for better understanding, and share that story with your team.

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You can explore all Graphite Models here. This page may be helpful if you are interested in different machine learning use cases. Feel free to try for free and train your machine learning model on any dataset without writing code.


This blog post provides insights based on the current research and understanding of AI, machine learning and predictive analytics applications for companies.  Businesses should use this information as a guide and seek professional advice when developing and implementing new strategies.


At Graphite Note, we are committed to providing our readers with accurate and up-to-date information. Our content is regularly reviewed and updated to reflect the latest advancements in the field of predictive analytics and AI.

Author Bio

Hrvoje Smolic, is the accomplished Founder and CEO of Graphite Note. He holds a Master's degree in Physics from the University of Zagreb. In 2010 Hrvoje founded Qualia, a company that created BusinessQ, an innovative SaaS data visualization software utilized by over 15,000 companies worldwide. Continuing his entrepreneurial journey, Hrvoje founded Graphite Note in 2020, a visionary company that seeks to redefine the business intelligence landscape by seamlessly integrating data analytics, predictive analytics algorithms, and effective human communication.

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