Hi, we are Graphite Note

We are building the world’s easiest-to-use no-code machine learning platform.
Why? -> Machine learning is hard. We make it easy.
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Hi, we are Graphite Note

Before our customers found us,
they thought that...

Going from raw data to advanced analytics is expensive, time-consuming, and only for industry giants
Data Science & AI are only for professionally trained data scientists
Machine Learning models
takes years of mastery
to implement

But we know that...

There is so much untapped potential in using raw data to predict, plan, and execute business strategies across any industry.
What most companies lack is the resources & expertise to discover, deliver, and fuel advanced ways of scaling their business through Machine Learning.
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This is Why

Graphite Note was created to
provide a single platform to build, visualize,
and explain Machine Learning models

Graphite Note combines data science with storytelling to help businesses…
Fuel their growth with 100% data-driven business forecasts
Build Machine Learning models in just a few clicks
Share meaningful metrics, business forecasts, and action items with team members, decision makers, and even investors!

Our mission is to provide accessible, explainable,
and actionable, and AI solutions for your
business, no matter which stage you’re at.

Our platform gives you access to…

Ready-to-use AutoML models so you can predict sales, demand, churn, and more!
Customizable Graphite Notebooks where you can visualize your forecasts through charts, figures, and graphs without having to do it from scratch using spreadsheets & presentations
A user-friendly interface that anyone on your team can access, even your non-techy staff!

Here’s how Graphite Note can
transform your business...

Ready to put AI to work for your business?

Start using Graphite Note today.
No Credit Card Required
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