No-code AI: why it is the exciting future of data analytics.

Founder, Graphite Note


Instant Insights, Zero Coding with our No-Code Predictive Analytics Solution

Our vision is to extend Machine Learning beyond expert data science teams and reach everyday business users, to enable citizen data scientists.

Our mission? To provide accessible, explainable, and actionable no-code AI solutions for your business, no matter which stages you’re at.

Let’s rethink the analytics and business intelligence space. Together.

Why no-code AI and data storytelling?

With Graphite, we are solving 2 major problems in business intelligence and data analytics today. 

  1. traditional business intelligence tools can not provide answers to business questions that can be answered only with machine learning or advanced statistical models (What is my revenue forecast?)
  2. The Chart is not and can not be the end of communication! There are no data storytelling features available. Without narrative, business people are usually lost in (although often beautiful) dashboards.

Let’s dive deeper…

How it all started – Graphite Note vision

We have been in the business intelligence and data visualization space for almost 20 years.  

In the last couple of years, many of our clients started to ask business questions which can be answered only with the power of AI algorithms. AI is not a buzzword anymore, people know (at least in general) what it is, what business value it can bring to their business. They know they want it and need it.

So that gave us an idea. No-code AI.

Artificial intelligence is one of the most impactful trends in business today and more than 80% of businesses say AI is a strategic priority. 

Still, data scientists are very expensive so SMEs simply can’t afford it. Plus, they don’t have the in-house expertise to do it.

We think it’s time for all companies, for SMEs too, to benefit from the AI and predictive analytics revolution as well.

That’s why we came up with Graphite Note.

Problem 1: Predictive Analytics is hard

No matter how small or big your business is, you will benefit from predictive analytics. Don’t you want to know what is your Customer Lifetime Value, based on future sales predictions for every one of your customers? Don’t you need to know your sales and product quantity forecast to adjust and optimize your stock? And what about marketing, don’t you need machine learning to segment your customers so that you can target your segments appropriately?

Wouldn’t it be cool that there was a platform that allows you to run Predictive Analytics algorithms, on your data, without writing a single line of code? 

Well, now there is! 🙂 Meet Graphite note!

no-code AI
Graphite Note no code machine learning model – time series forecast

Problem 2: Data Storytelling doesn’t exist in traditional BI tools

Traditional business intelligence tools are talking about data storytelling, but what they mean is just a sequence of charts. Charts that human beings so often have trouble interpreting and understanding!

We know from our experience that sometimes it is very hard for business people to understand even (to us) a simple chart.

Data visualization expert Stephen Few said, “Numbers have an important story to tell. They rely on you to give them a clear and convincing voice.” The problem is, today’s BI tools don’t have the means to give you that voice.

We realized that the chart or dashboard you have just created can not be the end of the communication. There is often so much more needed, a context, explanation, conclusion, a direction on how to interpret that slope of the chart, and so on… 

That is especially the case with the results of predictive analytics.

Consequently, it’s very important to have a way to combine visuals and narrative to share insights with your team. That is data storytelling.

no-code AI
Graphite Note notebook for data storytelling

Graphite is rethinking the whole business intelligence space by combining 3 essential elements: your data and traditional analytics, predictive analytics algorithms, and human communication.

Graphite Note simplifies the use of Machine Learning in analytics by helping business users to generate machine learning models without coding.

It provides a single platform to build, visualize, and explain Machine Learning models for real-world business problems and use cases.

With a decade of experience in Data Science, AI, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, we built a predictive analytics platform for businesses so decision-makers, strategists, and execution teams are able to understand key business drivers and take this understanding to the next level by predicting potential scenarios— without writing a single line of code.

Plus, it is suitable for SMEs too, so they won’t stay in the dark anymore.

Don’t be left behind, join us in the natural evolution of no-code AI data analytics.

We would love to hear your experience and your thoughts on this!

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