Our no-code AI tool automatically transforms data into key drivers, predictions, and next-best actions.

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Need data insights but don't have the tools?

AI is a priority for you, but you don’t know where to start.

You want to impress your clients using AI, but you don’t have the tools.

You’re looking to find the gold within your data, but you can’t afford a Data Scientist.

Our no-code AI tool is the solution you’re looking for.

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Why Graphite Note?

Become a No-Code AI Disruptor

Graphite Note Modern

How Graphite Note Helps Modern Data Teams.

User-friendly predictive analytics

Transform Your Data into AI Models in Minutes, Not Weeks. Understand Patterns. Predict Anything. 

Complex data into actionable insights

Dive into AI: Pre-built Models & Templates for Instant Insights—No Code Necessary.

Achieve clarity in decision-making

Explore the Future of Decision-Making: Your Next Best Actions – Driven by GenAI Analytics.

What Makes Graphite Note So Powerful?

Machine Learning is hard. We make it simple.

Step 1

Connect to your data

Any tabular business data will do. Graphite Note automatically pre-processes and prepares your data for AI modeling.

Easily explore patterns, problems and associations in your data.

Graphite Note datasets
Graphite Note busild model no code

Step 2

Train AI models, no code​

Train your AI models without writing single line of code, based on Graphite Note library of AI templates for various business use cases.

Step 3

Understand Key Drivers

Graphite Note identifies and presents the critical factors affecting your model’s predictions, empowering your decision-making with clear, data-driven insights.

graphite note key drivers

Step 4

Predict Future Outcomes

Predict future trends and behaviors based on your Model.

Additionally,  explore “what-if” scenarios – the ability to test various hypotheses and assess their impact without taking real-world risks.

Step 5

Get Actionable Insights

Next-best actions! Graphite Note’s GenAI creates tailored narrative and prescriptive analytics to power your decision making.

This isn’t standard advice. It’s advice, based on your data!

Graphite Note actionable insights

Successful businesses aren’t built on guesswork

Join industry leaders who leverage data-driven decision making to scale their businesses.

Ursula O’Hara

Marketing Director at Nick's Plumbing

I am so impressed with Graphite Note’s accuracy and how easy it is to use. The models that we’ve created have given me great insights into who my customers are, who they were, and given me predictions on who they can be.

Arthur Valle

Founder of WISARDS Wintec's Applied Research

Graphite Note allows me to quickly import my data, create some models and get the insights I need in just a few minutes, literally. The features are very intuitive and even someone without previous experience of Machine Learning would easily get the expected outcomes.

Mark Smith

Co-founder at Katana

Graphite Note brings a massive competitive advantage for us in the lead generation space. 
We got data scientist that never sleeps – and from that we can unlock insights quickly and accurately.

Nadav Rappoport

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Graphite Note is an invaluable tool for educational purposes allowing me to demonstrate the power of machine learning in a practical and accessible way.
With its no-code approach I can easily train different types of models for various tasks using my own data or the provided sample data.

Martina Margitic

Service Delivery Division Lead, Notch

Graphite Note is an intuitive, user-friendly, and easy-to-use. It lets us design and tweak data science models at an impressive speed. But more than that, it helps you tell a story with your data and truly focus on what is most important: business values instead of columns and columns of data. It feels like having an extra set of expert hands on deck.

Shyam Ramachandran

CET, LemonPeak

Graphite Note is simply superb!
The team are amazing people to work with and have been extremely helpful in deciphering meaningful patterns from the large chunks of data we provided to them. They are the AL/ML gurus.