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In the ever-evolving landscape of business decision-making, the advent of prescriptive analytics has marked a significant turning point. No longer are businesses solely reliant on descriptive and predictive analytics, which tell them what has happened and what might happen. Now, with prescriptive analytics, they can also understand what should happen. This whitepaper dives into the transformative power of prescriptive analytics, particularly as leveraged by Graphite Note, a trailblazer in making this advanced technology accessible to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

The journey through this whitepaper will take you from the foundational understanding of prescriptive analytics to its practical application in real-world scenarios. We will explore how Graphite Note's unique blend of predictive analytics and Generative AI creates actionable insights, turning raw data into strategic narratives. Through detailed case studies, we will see these narratives in action, guiding businesses to increase retention, decrease churn, and achieve their goals. Welcome to the future of business decision-making. Welcome to Graphite Note.
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