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Create your first Graphite Notebook

Your boss asked you to prepare a report or a presentation or do you just want to summarize your results? With Graphite, everything is possible! The main idea behind Graphite Notebook is to do your own Data Storytelling; create various visualization with detailed descriptions, plot model results for better understanding, etc.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Select Notebooks
  2. Select Create New
  3. Name your notebook. Additionally, you can add a description to your notebook. Also, you can select an existing tag (to connect your notebook with datasets and models) or create a new one.

You can now easily add and delete different text and visualization blocks (more about visualization). If you are not satisfied with the block position, you can easily move it. To speed things up, you can even clone each block. Your first Notebook is created and ready for exploring.

The idea is to be as creative as you want - you adapt the whole notebook to yourself and your needs. Not all visualizations are always understandable to everyone - by using the Graphite Notebook, you can create visualizations of your choice, so that it is adequate to you. 🙂

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