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Be creative through Graphite Notebook

After we have gone through some basic steps, let's dive a little deeper into Graphite. In this example, we will use the dataset obtained from the Timeseries Forecasting model on the Daily admissions dataset and summarize the results with Graphite Notebook.

First, let's compare actual and predicted values by drawing a graph. The predicted line is keeping pace with the actual line; the model has done an excellent job! 🙂

Besides the main prediction of the target value, our Timeseries forecasting model also predicts the lower and upper values (the model predicts the range of values for every day in the future, the range between lower and upper value), so let's make a table with these values.

For better interpretation, let's visualize our table in a chart. You can see how all curves resemble each other, which is great!

This is just one example of how to use Graphite Notebook - we hope this notebook has inspired your creativity. Enjoy! 🙂

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