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The Secret to Retaining Customers and Boosting Revenue with Predictive Analytics
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Imagine trying to find a needle in a haystack. That's what businesses face when trying to understand why customers leave them. But now, there's a way to make this task much easier. It's called predictive analytics.

Predictive analytics helps businesses understand their customers better. It does this by finding patterns in the data. Think of it as a detective, searching for clues about customer behavior. And, with the help of artificial intelligence, even small businesses can use predictive analytics.

Predictive analytics is like a super investigator that can help you find those missing pieces. It uses data to make predictions about what's likely to happen in the future. By analyzing your customer data, you can find the patterns that led to churn and use that information to prevent it from happening again in the future.
Churn No More The Secret to Retaining Customers and Boosting Revenue with Predictive Analytics whitepaper

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Arthur Valle
Founder and leader of WISARDS Wintec's Applied Research in DataScience Hamilton, NZ
"Graphite Note allows me to quickly import my data, create some models and get the insights I need in just a few minutes, literally. The features are very intuitive and even someone without previous experience of Machine Learning would easily get the expected outcomes."
Angel Todorov
Chief Analyst, Phyre
"Graphite Note is our preferred solution because of human interaction, we can not only count on the models but on the support of experienced professionals to get the answer we need from the data. They help us reduce the time to market and experiment w/o hiring more data professionals."
Domagoj Vidovic
Director of Digital at RTL Hrvatska
“In our line of business, we are collecting tons of valuable customers' data that helps us understand them - and their behavior. A chunk of that data was incomplete. We were looking for a simple, yet powerful solution to fill the gaps in our data by machine learning regression and classification models. Graphite Note helped our digital team to achieve that accurately, and in no time.”
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